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We've collected a list of links of interest for Hybrid owners.

7 Hybrids to Avoid in 2016

A list of seven hybrids to avoid buying if you were in the market for a used car. They aren’t necessarily hybrids from the 2016 model year (although they can be), but just the cars that were the biggest pains to own this year.

3/4 view of a Toyota Camry hybrid on a white back drop

What's Wrong with the 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid?

When Toyota announced the Camry Hybrid for the 2007 model year, there was understandable excitement. Toyota had a strong track record of hybrid success with the Prius, and the Camry has always been a popular everyday car, so it seemed like a natural match.

3/4 view of a Toyota Camry hybrid on a white back drop

The 2016 Hybrid Premium

If you want to go green, you’ll need to drop some green. It’s called the hybrid premium and everyone knows about it, but just how much it is – and how long it will take you to get that money back – may surprise you.

A Prius Plug-in Mileage Lawsuit


A new lawsuit has a suggestion for Toyota. Maybe it's time to start calling their plug-in hybrid the 'Prius Plug-in-every-few-miles.' We all know EPA estimates and MPG numbers posted by manufacturers are best case scenarios, often conducted in labs. But a 40% reduction (8 miles vs advertised 13) is a tough pill to swallow.

Side view of a pale blue Prius parked on the side of then road in front of a brick wall

XC90 T8 Mileage Claims Are Wrong According to Lawsuit


When it comes to hybrids, you usually pay a premium up front that you hope to recoup with gas savings over time. So imagine Xavier Laurens' dismay when he paid $20,000 more to get his XC90 hybrid, only to find out Volvo streeeeeetched the truth about just how far you could go on battery power alone.

White XC90 driving down a highway at magic hour, the sun is golden in then background

Curtain Shield Airbag Recall for Prius


The curtain shield airbags in your car have two chambers that are welded together. That weld keeps those chambers hugging and happy. The only problem is, someone did a really bad job welding 1.4 million Toyota vehicles worldwide.

The rear end of a Prius on display at a car show

Nissan Murano Hybrid? Yep, it Exists.


Did you know there's a Nissan Murano Hybrid? No? Don't worry, you're certainly not alone. Maybe there wasn't much hoopla because the hybrid system used in the Murano is a 'mild hybrid' which has a yawn-inducing electric motor that typically isn't powerful enough to propel the vehicle itself.

Prius Part of Seat Heater Recall


How hot do you like your seat heater in the winter? If you like it really toasty — as in, with an actual flame — you’ll probably love one of 7,700 Toyota vehicles, including the Prius, with seat heaters that catch on fire.

A bright orange FJ Cruiser displayed under the Southeast Toyota Distributors logo

Rodents Love Honda's Wiring


A lawsuit says the soy-coated, environmentally friendly electrical wiring that is running throughout all 2012–2015 Honda vehicles is irresistible to rabbits, mice, and other rodents.

A collage of image sshowing mice in engines. The bottom right image shows a mouse with its mouth around a wire.

VW Touareg Hybrid Fire Danger


Volkswagen is recalling 825 Touareg Hybrid SUVs with batteries that can get wet and catch on fire. Buying a hybrid and generating your own heat source? That’s taking 'going green' to a whole new level.

A shiny blue Touareg hybrid on a studio backdrop

Accord Hybrid Freaks Itself Out


Honda is recalling 6,786 Accord Hybrids because of software problems in the battery cell voltage sensor. The battery sensors can get freaked out by electrical noise from the inverter or motor circuit, switch the car into 'fail-safe' mode, and turn your sedan into a glorified go-kart.

Front 3/4 view of a blue Accord Hybrid on a white background

Hyundai Blue Link System Will Self Destruct

Messages that self-destruct and dastardly extortion – it all sounds like the plot to Mission Impossible, right? But it’s actually the story of Hyundai’s Blue Link systems. Pay up, or it’ll blow up.

Messages that self-destruct and dastardly extortion – it all sounds like the plot to Mission Impossible, right? But it’s actually the story of Hyundai’s Blue Link systems. Pay up, or it’ll blow up.

Ok, ok. There’s no blowing up involved, but the self-destruct part is entirely possible and that threat of extortion has led to a class-action lawsuit.

Starting in 2015, Hyundai started notifying owners that if you allow the Blue Link subscription to be inactive for more than a year, the system will be permanently disabled.

That’s right. Hyundai is giving owners a timeline and if they don’t pay up, the hardware of the Blue Link system gets the axe.

“Reactivating your Blue Link services after it is disabled will require a hardware change, dealer-assisted installation, and will cost a minimum of $500 to replace the telematics unit plus any applicable subscription fees.”

Can you imagine if Netflix charged you $500 each time you wanted to resubscribe?

A class action lawsuit accuses Hyundai of failing to inform owners when they bought the cars that the system would eventually self-destruct and that the value of the car is now lowered without the option of the Blue Link system. All owners want is the option to resubscribe

Console screen with a 'connecting to BlueLink' message

Ford Hybrid MPGs Not What They're Cracked Up to Be


A proposed class-action lawsuit takes aim at Ford saying the Fusion Hybrid gets nowhere near its advertised MPGs. To make matters worse, the lawsuit says Ford issued a software update that deceptively changed the MPG numbers on the instrument panel, without actually making the car more fuel efficient.

A car's window sticker showing a combined fuel economy rating of 47 miles per gallon

Porsche Fuel Injectors Leak


Earlier this year, Porsche recalled 1,400 vehicles with fuel injectors that leak. I wanted to make sure you knew about it because anytime there’s a fuel leak near an ignition source, very bad things can happen. Porsche also said it’s possible the fuel could be smelled in the cabin. The recall was announced in January and should have begun by now.

A yellow Porsche Cayenne Hybrid on the side of the road with evergreen trees in the background

QX60 Hybrid Hoods Keep Flying Up


Spring is in the air, so I hate to dredge up bad news from the depths of winter but I want to make sure you heard about Nissan and Infiniti’s January recall of problem that can quickly limit your visibility.

Side view of a dark gray QX60 Hybrid casting a large shadow on a white floor

Toyota Hybrid Power Steering Failure Recall


Toyota says the power steering circuit board in 110,000 vehicles might have damaged on arrival, prompting a recall. The circuit board was probably messed up during assembly and can cause a sudden loss of power steering. If you’re traveling at slow speeds and your power steering suddenly goes away, pulling over to the side of the road is going to feel like you’re steering through a vat of caramel.

That sounds delicious, by the way.

Side view of a Highander Hybrid on a plain white background