When it comes to hybrids, you usually pay a premium up front that you hope to recoup with gas savings over time. So imagine Xavier Laurens’ dismay when he paid $20,000 more to get his XC90 hybrid, only to find out Volvo streeeeeetched the truth about just how far you could go on battery power alone.

Plaintiff Xavier Laurens says he was duped into buying the $72,000 model year 2016 XC90 T8 hybrid SUV based on the advertised claim a single battery charge would get 25 miles without using gasoline. [Laurens says the SUV really gets no more than 10 miles on a full charge][1], not enough to help him save money on his drive to and from work.

Here’s the real kicker:

Volvo technicians tested the SUV and was able to get up to 18 miles from a single charge, but Laurens says that was accomplished only because of highway driving below 40 mph with many features turned off.

Most people know you’ll never achieve the MPG lab-based results of the EPA or manufacturer, but 40 mph on the highway? Good luck surviving in most major cities at that speed.

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