Volkswagen Touareg Hybrid Problems

Front 3/4 view of a Touareg Hybrid

Ranks 20th in reliability out of 76 hybrid models.

Owners have made the most complaints about Engine problems, followed by issues with the , and .

Most Common Touareg Hybrid Complaints

oil level increases in cold weather
This Engine problem has been made 1 times by 2011 model year owners.

Touareg Hybrid Generations

The Touareg Hybrid has 1 generations. Generations are groups of model years where the vehicles are continuously produced, using similar engineering and shared features. Generation data isn't always cut-and-dry and is often different for different countries. When in doubt, we use North American generation data.

  1. 2nd Generation Touareg Hybrid (2010—2015)

    This generation ranks 25th in reliability out of 102 generations.

    Front 3/4 view of a 2nd generation Touareg Hybrid

News About the Touareg Hybrid

VW Touareg Hybrid Fire Danger

Volkswagen is recalling 825 Touareg Hybrid SUVs with batteries that can get wet and catch on fire. Buying a hybrid and generating your own heat source? That’s taking 'going green' to a whole new level.

A shiny blue Touareg hybrid on a studio backdrop

Gas Leaks Prompt Recall

Manufacturers can sometimes drag their feet when it comes to issuing recalls. But whenever there’s reports of fuel leaking out of cars they start to move like someone lit a fire under their butt. That’s because, well … there might actually be real fires soon. Last week Volkswagen recalled 26,000 cars for fuel injectors that leak. Just a couple days later they expanded that recall to include an additional 45,000 cars.

A collage of four VW cars