Nissan Murano Hybrid Problems

Front 3/4 view of a Murano Hybrid

Ranks 15th in reliability out of 76 hybrid models.

Owners have made the most complaints about problems, followed by issues with the , and .

Most Common Murano Hybrid Complaints

News About the Murano Hybrid

Murano Hybrid Fire Risk

Nissan is recalling 120,000 vehicles, including the Murano Hybrid, because brake fluid can leak onto circuit boards, short them out, and start a fire. I know what you're thinking --- wait, there's a Murano Hybrid?

A bright orange Murano in front of the Nissan logo at a car show

Nissan Murano Hybrid? Yep, it Exists.

Did you know there's a Nissan Murano Hybrid? No? Don't worry, you're certainly not alone. Maybe there wasn't much hoopla because the hybrid system used in the Murano is a 'mild hybrid' which has a yawn-inducing electric motor that typically isn't powerful enough to propel the vehicle itself.