Honda Accord Plug-in Hybrid Problems

Front 3/4 view of a Accord Plug-in Hybrid

Ranks 28th in reliability out of 76 hybrid models.

Owners have made the most complaints about Exterior problems, followed by issues with the , and .

Most Common Accord Plug-in Hybrid Complaints

HondaLink Aha radio does not work
This Exterior problem has been made 1 times by 2014 model year owners.

Accord Plug-in Hybrid Generations

The Accord Plug-in Hybrid has 1 generations. Generations are groups of model years where the vehicles are continuously produced, using similar engineering and shared features. Generation data isn't always cut-and-dry and is often different for different countries. When in doubt, we use North American generation data.

  1. 9th Generation Accord Plug-in Hybrid (2014—2015)

    This generation ranks 34th in reliability out of 102 generations.

    Front 3/4 view of a 9th generation Accord Plug-in Hybrid
    • PainRank™ 0.84
    • Complaints 1
    • Active Years 2014, 2015

News About the Accord Plug-in Hybrid

Rodents Love Honda's Wiring

A lawsuit says the soy-coated, environmentally friendly electrical wiring that is running throughout all 2012–2015 Honda vehicles is irresistible to rabbits, mice, and other rodents.

A collage of image sshowing mice in engines. The bottom right image shows a mouse with its mouth around a wire.