Chrysler has dropped the plug-in from the name of their Pacifica Hybrid, even though you can still very much plug it in. Why? Well as Jamie Butters on explains, it’s because we’re all kind of idiot sandwiches.

The omission is a deliberate one by the automaker’s marketing team because so many Americans still associate the word “plug-in” with risk of running out of battery … _Fiat Chrysler’s approach to marketing Pacific nationally reflects the reality that many Americans remain wary of cars with plugs.

Turns out we're all kind of idiot sandwiches

The name change will be made in every US state except for California – home of Tesla and people that realize that plug-in hybrids run like a pure EV when the battery is charged, and have a hybrid engine as a backup.

“Five years from now ‘plug-in’ will not be scary to anybody,” said Tim Kuniskis head of FCA brands “But for now, it’s still outside of the comfort range of the typical customer shopping for a Pacifica.

I’d be more worried about how the Pacifica Plug-in Hybrid can suddenly shut down because of faulty diodes. Now there’s something to have anxiety about.